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Slowly working through getting external toolset dependencies statically compiling on windows so I have some confidence in distributing binaries. Using OpenAL has been a pain point because the licensing prevents static linking of closed sources - and then the world presented, MojoAL! or rather, SDL maintainer icculus presented it. It's a drop-in AL implementation that leverages SDL mixer, which is fine since we already include SDL. It's feature incomplete but still does enough to support 3D sound. I'm not aware of anything it doesn't do that worries me. And it works on all platforms SDL supports!

And that aside, I decided to finally get around doing all the server maintenance work that has kind of hindered any web dev stuff for too long. It involves cherry picking and refactoring a bunch of stuff from an old project to be a standalone module that I can use for server side stuff.

Which might lead to ... fun stuff? ssshhh!!