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Time to finish this thing.

A new particle pattern! My trig is ... kinda brute force :') but it worked out

Some sounds for scoring. A 2+ capture plays the sound at an increased pitch. and a score and a multiplier, and a timer bar for that multiplier

At this point I was pretty bummed and racing to the end for a number of reasons ... but figured there should at least be some interaction with the console, so added the console on/off switch.

I don't know what it is, but I hate menus for this reason. Even though the UI side of menus gets a bad rep I actually find that enjoyable. But the state managing, making sure everything deletes and recreates properly? Pulling teeth. I'm going to try to do this more incrementally in future and see if it's nicer that way.

The universe was kind enough to reward me with a fun, non-crashing bug (I was surprised and delighted!!)

here it is: https://kyavi-xyz.itch.io/orchard

and that was it! kinda! there was tonnessssss of slowdown with minor resolution increases on web. thankfully a simple problem, however I'm doing multisampling must be terrible because disabling it resolved all speed issues.

also spent time in the evening writing documentation for an upcoming project(!), and writing improvements to some bash utilities I want to write about soon.