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still in 3d land, yesterday was just loading the verts, we need the normals next!

here we g- oh


it works? maybe?

i don't actually know what the normals should look like with these colours, i'm a bit suspicious. if it doesn't hold up whenever lighting stuff is done that's a Tomorrow Problem.

carrying on with the game today, starting with player DEATH states. a good death needs particles (right???) and my particle system is kinda as bad but also better than I remembered

I can create these things called Manipulations which can bind any of the particle data buffers (position, rotation, scales etc.) which makes it really easy to manipulate the data. I didn't like some of the verbosity (mostly just having to write the headers, hard to escape!) and that each Manipulation has to be allocated for the base class to be generic, but it's otherwise kinda cool.

Here's what manipulating the data properly looks like

umm almost. PROPERLY

okay the distribution is a little bit off, but the new thing here is particles being able to use a region of a spritesheet, which wasn't a thing before! distributing them properly comes later

interesting design point, here's how bad the player death looks without indicating how the player died (which floating thing killed them)

I knew it would be bad, but you actually feel cheated, which was crazy interesting to see