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Finishing this today, and a whole bunch of commits were floating around in transit because it's been a tough week :') Overview of everything done leading up to submitting for Disc Jam:

  • Menus with buttons and sliders
  • Joypad controls (in-game and menus)
  • Menu-to-game transitions
  • Info splash text

This is my first menu and I'm happy with how it can accept gamepad, mouse, and keyboard inputs seamlessly. Wish I had got to put it to better use, with key remapping, finer control tweaks etc.

Also at some points important but unrecorded things got done, like things having spawn-in animations, delayed spawn offsets etc.

Couldn't use the delayed spawns v effectively because of collision bugs >.<

Quick summary: I think the concept of this design, the single evolving room, is elegant and clever with great potential. The execution, not so strong :')

but here is is. an experience, from me to you