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Saving and loading is in!

well, it was a little bit ... in and out :') lots of bugs to figure out, first with the way yesterday's addition of arrays of objects was implemented (a big double-free bug, and then empty arrays weren't supported >.<) but now everything has come together!

Which means using it with the editor is next! A rework meant adding new buttons is super simple, so the Crawlers get put in next.

But their behaviour wasn't fully implemented and they could only make their way around the outside of tiles,

All better! And a chance to see how the design will hopefully come together

Snapping added to the editor tools makes patterns possible

The editor can show previews for each type of tool now.

But really it's been a big process of ... bugs :S >.< v frustrating, it required a big rework of the ordering of things in the save and load process