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Blehhh, super slow day today. Feels like so much floats around the brain but not enough comes out. Started out with bringing in platformer stuff.

This game is made in a 16x16 tile world but the values I pulled for platformer defaults are for a 32x32 world. The result meant everything is super fast ... but I kinda like it? Precision might become more important later but for now it feels good being as nimble as the hazards.

Spent some time writing some stuff for spacial hashing to quickly look up tiles in the world (which felt super important when it entered my head, and then a few hours later didn't feel like it matters so much ... but at least it's here now).

Added some stuff for toggling in and out of full screen mode? Why??

Changed something in the engine so the game could write to debug info render target (which means the game can write helpful debug messages in screen space now).

Wrote an OBS script to display messages on recording start and stop.

Shuffled some vim stuff around to generate tags properly, navigating around has becoming a thousand times easier! Turns out exuberant ctags is out and universal ctags is the in thing now.

And thennnnnn finally made discs kill the player, and added some debug spawning of discs with the mouse.

So slower progress than desired. Need to stop procrastinating gameplay stuff so hard >.< It's fun! But it's just one of those mental leaps to bound over.