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Lots of site infra stuff tonight. Even though I version everything (religiously!), this repo hasn't been pushed anywhere because I wanted to compress all the binary blobs beforehand. Plus some other things:

  • discovering that pngquant exists, and does lossy compression that I'm happy with for the ~300% improvement in file size reduction over the previous tool, opt.
  • fiddling with ffmpeg. Everything has been reencoded with the flag -crf 25, which affects bitrate. Higher results in more artifacts for a smaller file. 25 is a bit conservative but w/e
  • adding the "poster" attribute to video tags, which lets us display a preview .pngfor a video instead of loading the whole video on page load

And then actually rewriting the commits - going through dozens of commits, looking at changed files and then running the relevant commands per filetype? Pssshhh that's for losers when the more fun alternative is Devop Nightmare Fuel!

Not perfect because it looks for all changes instead of additions - which meant a commit half way through the stack that moved the images directory ended up rewriting every file up to that point, which required manual correction. But it surprisingly otherwise went okay!

The result is a nice reduction in size for both the repo and all served content! I'm happy with the result ^-^