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Working some more on the in-game console - key repeat is a big thing when dealing with real-time input, but with surprising annoyance. SDL2, which I use for handling input, has ways of getting some key repeats through the user's IME, but neglects things like arrows and modifier keys. For these we can only get basic key down, held, and up states.

Key repeat rate isn't what might be called a "core" part of your system, but dealt with at a higher level. In Windows you can retrieve it through querying system parameters, in Linux it's handled by your Window manager.

Sooooo two things today:

  1. Started storing key held time to be able get whether a key is repeating at a given repeat rate
  2. Added a naive way of looking up repeat rate on Linux by querying xset and grepping over the result. Hey it's dumb, but for now these are dev tools! :')