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been having lots of thoughts about portals recently. so, experimenting!

rendering meant figuring out stencil buffer stuff interacting with the new way renderbuffers are done in the toolset now.

drawing portals in a 2d space means selective drawing of things that are partially through it, so i wanted a mask to represent what we want to be drawn (in this case, a big triangle shape).

oof! not quite what we had in mind! we want to see selective drawing of the inside of a shape, our mask, instead of omitting it

cue RenderDoc. I learnt that i don't understand the interaction between the depth and stencil buffer, starting with thinking I did need to depth test, but actually that flipped the result in a way I didn't understand.

some fiddling later and here we have it!

axis-aligned portals aren't so complex, just moving a point along a single axis and teleporting it along that axis at some point of penetration. here it is

portals that can be arbitrarily rotated are a little bit more complex because you need to rotate and translate your starting point and destination accordingly, but they're still not so bad!

buttttttt it turns out my collision checking functions are flawed and they don't actually give the correct contact normals in lots of cases. so for now this is on hold >.<

and trying to design the homepage of the site. not totally happy with it yet but hey it's closer and figured out some of the tooling for getting excerpts of most recent blog and feed posts :)