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I woke up and a poem hit me, so I put it on paper. It took a few hours but it was fun and interesting and is very personal. I'd like to maybe take the time to refine it and illustrate it properly in future? What's on paper is entirely off the cuff with no forethought (except for realising I could make the next letter of the alphabet match the last one ^-^ - it was very 'checkers', not 'chess'!)


Then I continued working on the thing. And hit a billion engine bugs along the way (or maybe just one, everything is fuzzy and painful). It was intensely frustrating and felt dumb but everything was kinda okay! And look! Here it is! You can touch it!


I don't want to say what the ruleset is, but promise it's all procedural with no randomness. When you place things and press the play button, those things will act the same way every time.

I put sound in today (23rd) as I'm writing this but really I want to improve the visuals ... it's just so ugly, it can be pretty, it should be pretty. And maybe it needs to feel like Life. But it exists, it can be updated any time if something comes to mind. For now I can leave it alone :)