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Today was toying with multi-channel signed distance fields for font rendering, using Chlumsky's msdfgen. I prototyped this a couple of years ago and was happy with it, but didn't want to have to link an external library so put it aside. Now that I have a dedicated build step that does some code generation, that can be leveraged to work as a content pipeline to ship pre-compiled msdf fonts. Pretty exciting~!

Also quickly put a timer into the game, which is going to be the main "challenge" mechanic - at least for one game mode. It definitely adds stress to the game, in a positive way though maybe a little bit too heavily. But it's also reinforced the realisation of how important an "endless", stress-free mode is. Lots of balancing ahead <o>

And after saying I wouldn't start anything new I had like three separate okay-ish ideas and had to pick something. Sooooo here we go. It's okay, it's a short one!