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400, json-contains-comma

Some build server configuration changes today. I've had automated builds for a while now, but hadn't started archiving past builds and had to get that set up sanely, with consideration for sensible naming and making sure everything is saved sanely. It turns out until recently, files zipped with PowerShell would always use backslashes for the paths going into the file even if the input is forward slashes; and the backslashes expand to filenames when opening those archives on Linux.

The sanest way to work with Windows will forever be invoking Cygwin tools.

Builds now get sent to a directory hooked up to be served by Apache index pages, with the directory names {build_number}_{project_version}, where the version number ends with a partial commit SHA. Inside that directory is a file with the build date and last commit, and similarly named zip files appended with labels for the build type and target. Web projects are unzipped and playable in the browser on the server.

The Discord webhook leading to a server I use for internal stuff has been updated to link to the archive for the latest builds.