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first steps

I worked on gameplay! Only briefly and rushedly, but hey, it's something! I've been talking to an artist about collabing and this is their first peek at the project based on the design points we discussed.

Quite basic right now! But enough context to think about room size, layouts, basic movement, shooting, enemy behaviours etc. If Miyamoto can play Mario for three months before being happy with the controls, we can spend a few minutes with this -. Visible things added today:

  • Room and enemy spawning from config
  • Bullet knockback
  • Bullet offset with player velocity
  • Background grid drawing
  • Grid tweaks + debug picker (in the bottom left)
  • Enemy health
  • Enemy DEATH
  • Bullets reacting with enemies and walls

A bunch of stuff was also added to the config, with the room config added. The room config contains entries that look like this:

The grid size is configurable in the main config, so this file is called rooms_16.kvl and is only loaded if the grid size is 16. This allows testing multiple layouts with multiple grid sizes easily.

But there's some weirdness here ... "enemies, 2x2 1"? The enemy being loaded is "type 1" but ... it's not very future proof right? Shouldn't an enemy be some sort of object? Totally! It turned out there's a bug in the file reader that causes issues with nesting objects, so that one will have to wait :)

Not super happy with how it all feels and plays but the weekend will hopefully provide the time for nice improvements.