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Collision resolution. One of the many banes of a mildly squidgy brain with not enough folds. Most of the wasted time on Sunday was due to trying to get this to work properly, but little luck. And the same thing happened this evening. Toooo much time wasted. Doing this:

Lots of writing bad stuff and getting rid of it, again and again, and it's so frustrating. Eventually I got something working, but there's still issues. There's a little 'bounce' when something with acceleration stops accelerating into a wall (e.g. a player is brushing up against it, applying constant acceleration, and then lets go of the input button). Here's where we're at:

No possibility of anything tunneling, just that stupid bounce. I don't know why this is so tough when I've done it before, but it is and it sucks.

I've been trying to find people to collaborate with recently and got talking to an artist, and agreed on an initial design to try out. That needs to be handed over asap and I'm behind because of this hell. So tomorrow will be gathering up as much stuff as possible to be loaded through config files, and getting as much basic enemy AI and stuff in place as is possible. Fingers crossed for actually delivering and not letting a real human being down.