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Today started out kinda awfully. After feeling better last week, this week was dropping off day by day until -- a complete sink today. And I desperately wanted to start getting this game project under way, especially after spending the last two days on server and backend stuff.

Even trying to get a simple kind of pathfinding done that I've done a bunch of times before was a lil bit heartbreaking. It just wasn't happening. But the bugs looked kinda pretty.

I realised it something kinda cool was there, so at 20:20 I started started taking a detour. At 21:05 I pushed the upload button on itch.io.

You can try out 'cketch' here

Always getting distracted by stupid bugs and creating crazy stupid scenarios for myself (see: yesterday's update) I find myself lamenting how I still put things together so slowly. I see people making rapid prototypes in short periods in GameMaker, Unity etc. and wonder if I should be doing the same thing. I still haven't decided fully what being a game creator means to me and what my priorities really are. But from here, to go from pathfinding bugs to publishing something I'm happy with in under an hour felt fantastic.

I didn't quite turn the day around in terms of productivity (oops!), but felt so much better than in the morning. Finishing things is healing. I'm trying to do it more.