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Today was a big ~maintentance day, specifically build system maintenance! I've had a working build system for a while, but it's been incomplete in two ways:

  • It only built for Windows (web is the intended 'primary' deployment target)
  • No archives of old builds

Archival hasn't been a big deal but since I'm trying to do collaborative projects, I want to be able to provide links to new builds and a method of redundancy for any collaborators. So I installed httpd on the build server (do people see httpd on Windows as a bastardisation? I'd rather use it than IIS -), set up the scripts to name and move everything, aaaannnd ... rebuilt a bunch of times dealing with all of the problems encountered throughout.

So, it was a day of watching the compiler. Endlessly.

And then web builds! They took a bunch of effort because even though I installed the tools a while ago and made sure they work when remotely connected in, everything's different with the relative pathing of the build system user. But it all works, and I can provide anyone with an http auth-protected link to builds, with the archived web versions playable there in the browser.