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what the font

When I work on a prototype I almost always add new code to the prototype's codebase itself: if it looks like an engine feature, like a new type of renderable or collider or something, it still stays with the prototype. This way I get to test it in practice across multiple days and iterations before committing to it.

This is why the same rendering code is copy and pasted (with few tweaks) across half a dozen project directories.

So at the end of a prototype, I decide what I'm happy with and what I'd rather test more. I put the 'happy' code in the engine, and the 'maybe' code in the template project to be used for the next prototype. Today was a "it's been long enough, let's migrate aaaaallllll" of this over. And so hell begins.

I'll write about what exactly hell looks like tomorrow when it's over, but it's basically a combination of two compilation passes having conflicting dependencies, tackling the "everything renders twice" bug that was discovered last week, and turning a prototype hack into a usable feature.

but fonts

So I distracted myself through part of the day with fonts, specifically the pixel font here. It's a 16/32px font being displayed at 24px. I think it looks beautiful at 16px, but maybe it's just a bit too small for the web. The 24px rendering is still nice, but it gains some chunkiness that I'd prefer to be without, so I started looking into editing it.

This is mostly redrawn, up to the lower case 'f', and I think it looks lovely, but the tooling is horrible. I can't export it as anything usable and possibly started with some wrong settings which will mess that up, so I might have to start from scratch. But the first thing is to figure out how to get anything to export :')