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rabbit holes

Another fun day! I keep feeling guilty about not getting enough done (procrastination is still a problem for me), but every time I think about how much I've done in the entire day it's still quite a lot, even if I do spend too many hours to get there.

Something I've known for a long time I need to do better with is getting distracted by other tasks. There always seems to be some other bug that I "should" fix, or some feature that "should" be added before moving on with the real task at hand.

Today's bug was ... fun. Whilst debugging a crash (bounds error due to a typo :') ) I noticed something weird. Lots of verts being rendered for what was actually on screen. Looking further and further down and eventually realised everything's being drawn twice! And it's been this way for a while without me realising. I started to fix it but it's more than just a couple of hours of infrastructure changing and I decided to put it aside. The overwhelming worried part of my brain screamed "You can't leave everything drawing twice", but let's be real: it hasn't stopped anything being fine all this time, and it's not stopping anything now.

So now you know, when you look at my stuff and wonder what makes it doubly awesome, that's the secret sauce. Keep it between the two of us?

(Other aside: lots of time spent on server stuff)