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Today was quite varied!

  • Updates on here now have their own permalink pages
  • Began implementation of moving tiles in the prototype
  • Started working on a short secret project :)

Putting all the features I want into this dev log is something being done little by little every day and it's coming along well! With all the video updates we'll need pagination pretty soon!

A super quick hack together of moving tiles and it feels nice. I threw all of the collision code for static tiles in the player's update, so need to move that out somewhere more manageable and start dealing with switching the player's state properly, so tomorrow will probably be a maintenance/sanity day.

And I started on a new thing! Yesterday I had an idea I loved straight away and I couldn't put it off. It's small scope and fully planned out so hopefully it fits into next week nicely. It's a surprise but I'm so excited by it for such a simple thing ^-^ Here's a small teaser. Does it look familiar? :)