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cosmic shift

Looking at the way things were being approached compared to the initial sketches made at the start of the week, it became clear that things weren't going to work out. So the fundamental logic was ripped apart and reborn.

500 changes for something barely started? Promising!

Gravity: I wasn't sure of its role. Originally I was imagining the player being completely immune to gravity but it wasn't clear how that would work with things like dynamic geometry, and the granular movement for avoiding hazards that will be introduced. But there needs to be some sort of physics somehow, so here's the intermediate place we're at:

It feels stupid and less fun than with the old tween-based movement but hopefully that gets resolved with some tuning. I think the role of gravity and the player's abnormal relationship with it will be that the player's gravity is always relative to the surface being jumped off. We'll find out tomorrow? xoxo